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Monday 27th May 2024


Winter Rules

Local Winter Rules and the use of Mats on fairways will be announced to Members via a News article. For visitors the Professional shop will advise you of the date.

When a ball lies  on the fairway a player must do one of the following;

  • lift, clean and place on a carry mat (within 6", no nearer to the hole) *
  • lift, clean and place the ball in the rough 2 club lengths from the nearest side of fairway, no nearer the hole.

When a ball lies on the fairway on or within the 'trolley no-entry white lines', you may; 

  • play it as it lies.
  • lift, clean and place - within 6", no nearer the hole.
  •  lift, clean and place on a carry mat (within 6", no nearer to the hole).*

When a ball lies in the rough, you may;

  • play it as it lies
  • lift, clean and place within 6", no nearer to the hole, but not on the fairway.

When a ball lies within a bunker, you may;

  • play it as it lies
  • lift,  rake the area of play within the bunker and clean & place, within 6", no nearer the hole**.

*If a ball when placed rolls off the mat, the player must try to place it a second time. If the ball again does not stay on the mat, the mat must be moved to the nearest spot, not nearer the hole, where the ball will come to rest on the mat when placed. If the player accidentally causes the ball on the mat to move before a stroke is made, there is no penalty and the ball must be placed again on the mat. If a tee is used to secure the mat into the ground, the ball must not be placed on the tee.

**If the ball cannot be placed within 6" of it's original position (e.g. when it was plugged in the face), it must be placed as near to the original position as possible, no nearer the hole.


It is advisable but not mandatory to mark your ball before you move it

In all cases, if you have lifted your ball, it may be cleaned.


When a temporary green is in play the normal green becomes a wrong green and relief must be taken under Rule 13.1f. A temporary green that is not in use for the play of a hole (and also when in play if playing any other hole) is a wrong green and relief must be taken under Rule 13.1f.

If a player has interference by a wrong green, the player must take relief, without penalty, as follows: The player shall lift the ball and drop it within one club-length of the nearest point of complete relief in the same area of the course where the original ball came to rest. It must not be nearer the hole than the reference point. There must be complete relief from all interference by the wrong green.

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